Documenting your own Family History

Genealogy and Family History research are popular worldwide interests. This activity can now be recorded through your own Family History Film.

This film records your history using photos, slides, film footage and memories.

Old photos can be improved, documents added such as birth certificates and voice recordings used to tell your own personal story.

We can film relatives talking about past members of your family and even use archive footage to document events such as the war.

We can also work with people who can research and produce your family line. This teamed with the film allows a whole package to be created as a unique keepsake or a treasured gift for someone special.

Reminiscences and documents used together can give you a picture but adding voice-recordings, special music tracks and chapters to your film, makes it truly unique viewing.

Start creating your own piece of family history by creating this special film. We will work with you every step of the way.

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