Looking for a special gift to family overseas?

Let relatives, friends and family see how your year has been by creating a Faraway Film.

Often with family overseas it is difficult to say everything you want over the phone, in an email or a letter. We often forget to mention minor details which can be important to the other person.

You may have a son or daughter working abroad and you are looking for a meaningful and unique gift to post overseas.

By creating a Faraway Film we put your photos, video footage and unique memories all in one package. You may also wish to add your own personal messages, as an individual or family or group of friends.

A Faraway Film makes a unique celebratory gift whatever the occasion. You may be looking for a special birthday gift or a family christmas present.

Your film can be presented in a digital frame, as a DVD or VHS.

For more information about the Faraway Films simply fill in the online enquiry form.

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