10 Reasons for creating a life history film

A life history film uses your own photos, video footage and memories to create this unique tribute.

You can create it about yourself as a keepsake or for someone else as a very unique and personal tribute.

Here are just some of the reasons why it is a good idea to create a life history film

  • It is the opportunity to share a story with others through pictures, video and words
  • It celebrates someone's life in a rather unique way
  • It preserves the quality of photos and video clips and keeps them all in one place
  • It enables family and friends to see someone as a whole individual, not just in the role that they are familiar with
  • It is a unique story for future family generations to enjoy
  • It provides opportunities for you to share and reminisce, and as you grow older it helps others to see you as you once were
  • It can become just one chapter in a family history
  • It recognises the love and care that people feel for each other and
  • It is a known fact that when we record something we remember more
  • We have discovered that it enables people with failing eyesight to recognise photos on screen that they recently found impossible to see.

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